Collection: Special Collection

We will experiment with different types of fabrics that we love and that hopefully you will also fall in love with.

We know that there are so many wonderful fabrics out there that have been looked over along history when choosing a fabric to make dungarees, that's why we decided to find the "renegates" and make a special collection from them.

In our Special collection, you will find the same well-made dungarees but out of fabrics like cotton wool, linen etc.


 All our dungarees in this collection are UNISEX and made out of natural fibers.

They come with 3 big front pockets and an optional back pocket.

The two side belt loops will give you more options on wearing your dungarees.


  Obviously, the best part about them is that they were designed and handmade in Romania! 

All our items are sent in recycled or biodegradable packaging.

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